How to Make Millions With Your Ideas

How to Make Millions With Your Ideas: Dan S. Kennedy

An Entrepreneur’s Guide Dan S. Kennedy, How to Make Millions With Your Ideas: An Entrepreneur’s Guide

If you have a brilliant idea for a brand-new product or service, Dan Kennedy’s book has all the answers that could make you rich. It is packed with the true stories and proven advice of ordinary people who began with just an idea, a simple product, or a fledgling business and wound up with millions.
The book examines the methods and principles of dozens of successful entrepreneurs, including the author’s surefire, easy-to-follow Millionaire Maker Strategies. It helps you determine which of the three paths to success are best for you and guides you step-by-step down that path on your way to fortune.
You’ll discover: 8 ways to make a fortune from scratch; turn a hobby into a million-dollar enterprise; use electronic media to make you rich; use publicity & promotion to produce million-dollar business breakthroughs. Kennedy shows you how to use Aristotle Onassis’s biggest business secret: “The Million Dollar Rolodex” of contacts and information to get you on the road to wealth.

My notes on “How To Make Millions With Your Ideas”

Due to the fact i’m still feeling the consequences of the coronavirus, i’m writing to you from my bed not giving you a full summary but the essential points

To win with premium prices, clobber competitors with service
Call every customer after the job is completed to verify satisfaction
Offer strong guarantees
Get crazy publicity & word of mouth with free product to local companies (works if you own a cafe anyway)
Stake out a market leader position from the start – define a new niche
Break even on the first sale / product to get a mailing list together. Sell to that group long term
Repackage the same core product / service in heaps of different ways, different formats, different prices, to different target markets

Creativity Checklist for Inventing or Reinventing Products, Businesses, and Marketing Messages:


Very small / very big
Eg Whitecastle burgers are so small they come in 6 or dozen
Eg cola / uncola

Magnify / Minimise – huge / tiny



Apply what works to different business
Eg drive thru / vending machine


Eg Facecream: “your friends will acuse you of plastic surgery”
Eg 2 “this basketball star is comfortable in this mini”

Addition / Subtraction

Eg lite, fat-free, filled donuts


Eg Supermarket + petrol station


General Purpose / Special Purpose

Eg 80% of cleaners are 99% the same with a different name & label

Time Frames

Eg 30 seconds mould remover
Eg “your pizza delivered in 30 mins or less” Dominos
Eg “Give us a week and we’ll take off the weight” Slim Fast

Packaging that sells

Specific solutions

Eg Mascara that is waterproof, wear-proof, tear-proof

Coined Terminology

Eg “schweppervescence”

Symbols / Characters

Eg “Ronald McDonald”


PR Techniques

Be Predictive
Be Provocative
Be Public
Be a Personality
Be Persistent

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