Studying for the PMBA

So my project is to read 99 books from this list in 1 year52 weeks and
giving you a review and my comments every week of 1 book.

Starting on June 8, 2020 until June 8, 2021

So why a personal MBA, you might ask? Josh came up with the idea of acquiring the essential knowledge distilled in the MBA – that 20% of people accomplish 80% of the results – by reading a carefully chosen list of the best books covering the subject areas taught in the MBA –for less than $3,500, if you buy the books new, and even less than that if you buy the books used or borrow them. So please read The Personal MBA Manifesto which is still very relevant today.

My dear readers, by creating this blog, I want to come along with me and let’s do it together with the reasons below:

  • Let’s prepare our future together
  • Take this challenge with me
  • We share this adventure together
  • We get support from each other
  • Let’s have your opinions and comments

I’m taking this project seriously, and I’m preparing for it as I would for a marathon: I know that the challenge will be long and difficult, especially when the initial motivation – linked to the enthusiasm of the start – is gone. Why am I doing this? Here are my reasons:

  • Because I feel the need to acquire knowledge because I didn’t finish university and to find a job today I need to show my diplomas etc. therefore to better manage my life, to better understand the workings of the business world in which I am, to be more efficient in all the projects I lead or will lead, and to better understand the world in general.
  • In order to experiment in real life if it is possible to change one’s life by reading relevant books. This is the purpose of this blog – I didn’t want to create a blog that would only talk about this challenge – and I will try to demonstrate that it is possible by sharing with you what it brings me in my creation of an online business my in my projects, in my everyday life.
  • Because I feel the need to continue to obtain more knowledge to better run my businesses and to better understand the workings of the business world in which I find myself. To be more effective in all the projects that I will take on and to get a better appreciation for the world in general. Things are moving and evolving very quickly nowadays, I intend NEVER to be left behind!

“You wasted $150,000 on an education you coulda got for a buck fifty in late charges at the public library. ”Good Will Hunting (played by Matt Damon)

This page lists all Personal MBA recommended books and resources for easy printing, bookmarking, and reference. For more information about the Personal MBA and book selection criteria, read the manifesto. (

Here are the 99 business books The Personal MBA officially recommends… click on the title of each book to read a detailed description of each book and why it’s
important, or the below to the right for additional reviews.

Books stated through this section of blog comes from affiliate links and support indirectly The Personal MBA’s ongoing research.

I also highly recommend learning about effective non-fiction reading techniques to decrease the time it takes to complete each book. 10 Days to Faster Reading is a great place to start for best results.

Click on the Title of the books to be directed to Amazon to get your Kindle, Audio or Paperback Copy

Business Creation

Value-Creation & Testing




Finance & Accounting

The Human Mind

Productivity & Effectiveness

Problem Solving

Behavioral Change







Project Management



Corporate Skill

Corporate Strategy

Creativity & Innovation



Personal Finance

Personal Growth

My Challenge kicked off officially on June 8th. Let’s meet next week for the first review of the first book on this list; “>Go It Alone – Bruce Judson.

And I will attempt to publish weekly thereafter.

Thanks for joining me on this new and amazing journey!


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