The Magic of Thinking Big

The Magic of Thinking Big – David Schwartz

The Magic of Thinking Big – David Schwartz

Summary of the book:
This book reveals the positive attitudes conducive to success, which help overcome difficulties and realize dreams, regardless of context or personal limitations, for anyone who wants to accomplish extraordinary things.

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What are the 10 principles of the book The Magic of Big Thinking?

  1. Believe that you can succeed and it will be your reality.
  2. Stop making excuses
  3. Develop your self-confidence and destroy your fears.
  4. Think and dream creatively
  5. You are what you think you are
  6. Control your environment
  7. Make your attitudes your allies
  8. Have a good attitude towards others
  9. Turn defeats into victories
  10. Think like a leader

Read The Magic of Thinking Big or this column is proof that you expect great things in your life. It also proves that you have the intelligence to look for the tools that will allow you to reach these goals. Think hard, think big and your life will be extraordinary.

To be successful, all you have to do is believe in yourself, so self-confidence is essential. To reach your goals, you must strongly believe in yourself, believe that it is possible.

It’s as simple as that.

Faith in yourself and in your goals will give you the motivation, the method and the enthusiasm to achieve what you aspire to. The simple fact of doubting will take you away from your goals. Don’t let doubt dominate you: if you hear your inner voice criticizing you, telling you that you will not succeed, tell it that it is not true and think of all the trials you have overcome in life.

Create an advertisement of yourself in which you are “the product”, read it every morning, believe in it and buy the best product you could buy every day: yourself. Generally, happy people who get what they aspire to are not superheroes, but ordinary people who have decided to adopt the right attitude: positivism.

To have confidence in yourself, always think in terms of success: “I can do it”, “I will succeed”. You have to believe that you are worth much more than you imagine. “Think big! So if your goals are poor, your results will be poor too.

One of the biggest barriers to getting what you want out of life is this disease that affects so many people: “excusability,” the disease of excuses. Usually, those who have not realized their plans suffer from some degree of excusability.

On the other hand, those who have achieved what they aspired to, sometimes great things, never hide behind excuses. Roosevelt never hid behind his handicap, just as Kennedy never hid behind his youth. But some people could use excuses for their health, education, origin, race, sex, age, “intelligence”, luck, etc., and so on.

Excusal can be treated and cured in the same way as common illnesses. Avoid talking about your personal limitations, such as a health problem or your age. If you express yourself in terms of limits, you will be limited. Conversely, if you don’t talk about it, you will have no limits.

Nothing is more useless than worrying about things: it’s like chewing gum to solve a math problem. Likewise, you shouldn’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by problems such as your health or anything else. As for intelligence, it’s easy to see that, in general, we overestimate the intelligence of others while underestimating our own. As a result, we gradually devalue ourselves and lose confidence in what we can really do.

Remember: the key is confidence in yourself! Most people who get what they want are ordinary people who have confidence in themselves. Passion, enthusiasm and a positive attitude will motivate you to get involved in whatever you want to do. Investing in what you do represents 95% of the talent you develop. Your attitudes will be a thousand times more important than your intelligence: never think that your level of intelligence will be an obstacle to getting what you want.

As for the age excuse, think about this: how long have you been in the work force and how much time do you have left to reach retirement age? Start building your future, your next 20, 30 or 40 years, as soon as possible. You have the right age to start doing it as soon as possible!

As soon as people have big dreams, a threat appears: paralyzing fear. Fear is a powerful force that destroys confidence and prevents people from getting what they really want in life. To counter it, you can develop self-confidence.

Imagine a baby learning to walk: he has enormous self-confidence, but he falls down, laughs and then gets up again with joy and keeps trying again and again. As for adults, it’s incredible how we’ve lost that self-confidence over the years, giving way to fear. So we don’t get up and try again.

Baby at the Window
Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas 

How to think big

If people were to ask themselves what their weakness is, many would be surprised to discover that they suffer from the ultimate weakness of human nature: self-deprecation. So, you think your product may appeal to Mr. Perez, but you never call him because you think he won’t deign to give you any of his time. You think your product or service has good value, but you position yourself below it because you think people won’t appreciate it? That’s self-deprecation.

If it is true that you need to know your own limits, don’t ignore your strengths, but on the contrary, value them! To discover your strengths, ask those closest to you and make a list of your 5 best assets. In addition, the StrenghFinders 2.0 book allows you to discover your strengths and build on them instead of trying to improve your weaknesses. You will find that many people have achieved what you want, based on these same strengths, and sometimes to a lesser extent. You will find that you have more strengths than you think.

Try to use a vocabulary that is hopeful, motivating and confident. Remove negative words about failure from your daily speech. See things for what they could be, not what they are.

Everyday life is complicated: we all face many small problems, but there is a reward for those who can rise above them. That’s why you need to keep your focus on an important goal. Always ask yourself if you are dedicating your energy to things that are really important, without being blinded by trifles.

“Most of us make two fundamental mistakes when it comes to intelligence: 1. We underestimate our own brains. 2. We overestimate the other’s brain. “

Quote from David J. Schwartz, author of the book The Magic of Big Thinking.

Comment penser et rêver de façon créative

L’esprit créatif permet de découvrir les meilleures façons de faire les choses. Un terrain vacant peut devenir un jardin, une personne lambda peut devenir l’héroïne d’un best-seller, une famille pauvre peut donner une bonne éducation à ses enfants… le tout, grâce à un esprit créatif.

La première condition pour développer l’esprit créatif c’est d’avoir foi en vos chances d’obtenir ce que vous voulez. En général, une bonne façon d’augmenter la foi en vos chances de réussir est de voir comment les autres ont fait et de ne pas vous mépriser. Si d’autres ont réussi avec des forces similaires aux vôtres, bien sûr que vous le pouvez aussi.

Un vieux dicton dit : « Si vous pensez que vous réussirez ou si vous pensez que vous ne réussirez pas, de toute façon, vous aurez raison ». Quand vous pensez que quelque chose est impossible, votre esprit se concentre sur la recherche des causes de cette croyance. Toutefois, lorsque vous pensez que quelque chose est possible, votre esprit viendra à votre secours pour trouver les moyens de la concrétiser. La foi en vous libère toute votre énergie créatrice.

Bannissez le mot « impossible » de votre vocabulaire. Très souvent, nous renonçons à nos rêves parce que nous ne considérons que les raisons pour y renoncer, alors que la seule chose qui vaille notre effort est de trouver des raisons d’insister, d’y croire et de réussir ! Soyez réceptif aux nouvelles idées. Lisez, lisez, lisez !

Vivez de nouvelles expériences, brisez votre routine ! Demandez-vous comment vous pourriez agir autrement, pour progresser. Tournez-vous vers l’avenir et non pas vers le passé. Soyez à l’écoute des idées des autres et posez-leur les bonnes questions. Rappelez-vous que ceux sur qui on prend exemple savent écouter, tandis que les petites gens monopolisent la parole.

You are the image of your thoughts

It’s as simple as that: others will see in you what you think of yourself. So you will deserve what you think you deserve. Our actions are guided by what we think.

Gaining the respect of others is very simple: we must first think that we deserve that respect. The more you respect yourself, the more others will respect you. So, if you want to represent success, think of the image of someone who has achieved that success. See, talk, think and act, putting yourself in the shoes of the person you want to be. Write the “commercial” of yourself and read it several times a day.

Control your environment

Your environment nourishes your mind. Surround yourself with little people and you will think negatively. On the other hand, if you surround yourself with people with good ideas, you will end up thinking big. You will see that the world can be divided into three categories of people: those who have completely given up their dreams, the majority; those who have given up some of them; those who have not.

According to the author David Schwartz, the second category is made up of people who are afraid and therefore cannot progress. These people are not happy and some even feel defeated. People in the third group believe that life is worth living well.

To be part of this group, we must overcome the disabling forces in our environment. It is easy to classify people into each of these three groups. Don’t share your plans with envious, pessimistic, mediocre and conformist people, because all they will do is discourage you.

Instead, talk to those who have been successful in carrying out their projects! If you are surrounded by people who have the disease of excuses, don’t be convinced by their arguments and run away! Indeed, they never got what they wanted and therefore need to justify their failure.

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Adopt the attitudes that best suit you

We can convey things without talking. “I love you”, “I don’t love you”, “I’m bored”… All this is transmitted without the need for words, but especially through our reactions, our voice or our eyes. What really counts is our attitude. Those who have the right attitude will achieve great things from their relationships with others, in their professional life and in everything they do.

It is a set of winning attitudes that we need to cultivate and use to our advantage:

  • Enthusiasm.
  • Valuing others.
  • Having a vocation of service.

Enthusiasm is an element that makes all the difference in what you undertake. It’s as simple as that: enthusiasm is something out of the ordinary! It’s great!

Even if something doesn’t motivate you, you can still develop your enthusiasm with a few simple strategies:

  • Be curious. Most likely, you know almost nothing about the things that don’t interest you. Well, the opposite is also true. You’ll end up being interested in the things you know and control. All you have to do is find out more about the things you don’t find interesting or exciting at first: you’ll see how enthusiasm will overwhelm you. With enthusiasm, you can’t be unhappy!
  • Put life into everything you do. When you shake someone’s hand, do it with energy. Think of the idea that you are happy to greet the other person. Smile and pass on the joy. Do it sincerely, no one likes fake smiles. Put a lot of life into every time you say “thank you” and say it from the heart. In general, put life into everything you say.
  • Be the one who gives the good news. Good news brings good results. Say that you feel great. Tell others how positive you feel about them. Encourage them. If those around you feel good, you’ll feel good too.

Value others, because every human being, regardless of status or origin, wants to feel important. Many people are unaware of the importance of this maxim, as if they were saying: “you don’t matter to me”, because they think that the other person does not bring them anything. But this attitude is wrong.

If someone perceives that he or she is important to you, he or she will do you favours. And when you help someone to feel important, you’re the one who feels important. If you are not important, everything you do in your life will be mediocre. Try it and see.

Appreciate others with sincerity, congratulate them for their successes, big or small. Call them or leave messages of appreciation. Call people by their first and/or last name and don’t make mistakes! Say it and write it correctly, because many emotions are linked to our first name. Share the merits not only with your team, but also with your family.

Adopt positive attitudes towards others

Here’s a golden rule to remember: success lies in the support of others. You can’t achieve anything unless others make it easy for you, such as customers who buy your products, employees who get the job done, bosses who support initiatives, investors, teachers, students, your family, and so on. We always rely on others for our achievements. And to count on their support, you have to have the right attitude towards them.

Attitude is more important than your credentials. If people respect you and have consideration for you, if you gain credibility in their eyes, it will be worth a lot more than your degrees. People who get what they want are “trained” to love others, following a few basic rules:

  • Don’t make mistakes when you write or say someone’s name! We all react with great emotion to our first name.
  • Feel good about yourself. Do not convey tension, but tranquillity. Make others feel good in your company.
  • Stay calm, don’t worry about anything.
  • Don’t concentrate on yourself, as if you know everything about this world.
  • Become an interesting person so that others will be winners in your company. Smooth out the sharp edges of your personality.
  • Practice loving others until it becomes something completely natural.
  • Congratulate others for their achievements.
  • Spread the full spiritual energy to those around you so that all this love is returned and multiplied.
  • If you give a gift to someone, it must be sincere, because we cannot buy friendship; on the contrary, we risk losing our money and people’s respect.

Take the initiative to introduce yourself to others. You will always recognize the most important person, because that is the one who introduces himself to others.

Accept the imperfections and differences in others (and your own too!). If there weren’t, we wouldn’t be human and the world would be very boring, so also give up transforming the universe. Practice the art of positive thinking about others, you will win, because in the long run, the hardest thing in this world is not to say what you think, but not to convey what you really think. So if you think badly of someone, you will somehow “say it” and turn it against yourself.

Listen to what others have to say, don’t monopolize the conversation.

“Believe that it is possible. When you believe that something can be done, and you really believe it, your mind will find ways to do it. Believing in a solution paves the way for a solution.”

Quote from David J. Schwartz

Get in the habit of acting

If you have good ideas, but you never put them into practice, they are useless. Only those that are implemented will bear fruit. When you become passive and don’t realize your plans and dreams, you lose self-confidence. The active ones, however, act and thus enter the virtuous circle of confidence with a sense of security and success.

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If you wait until 100% of the conditions are right for action, you will never do anything. If you wait until the situation is ideal, you condemn yourself to never act, because there is no ideal moment. If you lack the motivation to do something, take action and you will see how motivation and inspiration automatically come to you. Acting is also a way to fight fear, as David Schwartz has already mentioned earlier. “Tomorrow” or “Later” are often synonymous with “never”.

How to turn failure into victory

Man – The magic of seeing big – If we draw a parallel between certain groups, the poor, the destitute, or those who got what they wanted in life, what each group has in common is neither origin, nor luck, nor nationality, but the attitude towards failure. Failure is no more and no less than a lesson. You can learn from it or you can be discouraged. Failure is only a state of mind.

Study the causes of your failure and don’t blame others, it doesn’t make sense. That would be a waste of energy. The only reaction that adds something positive to your success is to find out what you could do differently so that you don’t fall back into the same situation of failure. Have the courage to offer constructive criticism of your actions.

Learn from your failures and experience. Find new ways to achieve your goals. All successful people in life have experienced unexpected results on their path to success, often over a long period of time!

Your thoughts have the power to attract what you want, so keep telling yourself that there must be a way to get there. If, on the contrary, you tell yourself that you are lost, that there is no way out, that it is impossible, you will prove yourself right. A problem is insoluble only if you think it is. Don’t spend a lot of time analyzing problems, but take a step back and start again. Take a step back and the solution will easily come to your mind. Above all, remember that every situation has a positive side; look at it.

To make progress, set yourself goals

No progress can be made if we do not set targets in advance. Remember, it’s not where you come from that’s important, it’s where you’re going.

How do you see yourself in 10 years? Don’t give a vague answer, be specific: professionally, how much income do you want to have? As for your family life, what relationships do you want to have with your family, what education do you want to give your children, where do you want to live? For your social life, what kind of friends do you want to have? What kind of activities do you want to do with them? What kind of experiences are you looking for in your life? What kind of person do you want to become?

And why so many questions? Because no one is going to do much in life unless they are driven by a great cause.

Your energy will double if you dedicate yourself to a goal that comes from your heart. It will be engraved in your unconscious that will automatically guide you to reach it.

All progress is the sum of small daily advances. If your goal is very ambitious, it will invade you and you will feel overwhelmed. Focus on the small victories you achieve and the great success will come alone.

However, if something doesn’t go the way you expect it to and you have to make a small detour, accept it and move on. Sometimes we reach our destination by a shortcut. Invest in yourself, increasing your ability to achieve what you want and your results will be extraordinary.

Take time to meditate each day to connect with your supreme mental power to release your creative energy. Reflect a little each day and watch your life transform.

Conclusion on the book The Magic of Thinking Big – David Schwartz

The book is a great classic on the attitude towards success: it has inspired thousands of people. In particular, it has given me the motivation to undertake personal and professional projects that seemed almost impossible to achieve. It’s a book that we need to reread from time to time, when we feel demotivated.

It was written for those who want to achieve great things in life. The definition of “great things” may not be the same for everyone, but in any case these ideas are definitely powerful and extraordinary. Anyone who needs to regain energy should return to its pages from time to time, as I have done on several occasions.

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What are the Weaknesses of this book for you????

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