Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich: Napoleon HILL

How do you get rich?

Napoleon HILL is a collection of principles and advice to help you get rich, certainly financially, BUT also personally and socially.

I explain it all here! 😉

Page after page, I have been enthused by the teachings of historical figures that can be applied to many areas other than financial wealth, such as: how to find personal wealth, the one related to personal and professional development?

A collection of inspiring principles and tips!

Napoleon HILL, an American author and advisor to several presidents including Franklin D. ROOSEVELT, set out to discover the recipe for success. After 20 years of research with personalities such as Thomas EDISON, Henri FORD, CARNEGIE and 500 other businessmen, Napoleon HILL shares with us his method of becoming rich.

Napoleon HILL has gathered his discoveries through 13 principles that I suggest you discover (or rediscover) in this article.

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“A thought is truly a powerful fact when it combines a definite objective, perseverance and desire. ”

Napoleon HILL

What makes us fail in our endeavours (in the sense of undertaking something) is that we often believe that failure is the end of the game, but success comes to those who believed and persevered.

Meditating on your failures will allow you to understand and learn from your experiences, to improve personally and to build on your future successes.

Think big and start small!

Step by step, with each step, your mental projections followed by actions will turn them into reality.

It’s the law of probability: the more you persist, the more likely you are to succeed!

1 – Desire

Whatever your goal is, you must desire it to the point of obsession by building your plan precisely by sticking to it with constancy and permanent energy.

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How do you build your plan?

  1. Determine the exact amount of money you want (in the case of financial wealth). Do not express it as “I want to go around the world” because it is a wish and not a goal, but rather: “I want to earn 6,000 euros to travel to Japan”, for example.
  2. Give rewards to the people who count in your success, in exchange for your winnings.
    If you only think about yourself and your interests, you will not succeed. Success is built in interaction with others.
    Example: You can set a schedule, I have to reach 500 euros in savings and earnings by myself, if I reach this goal for the month of January I help my neighbour Paul to do some work at his house for a whole weekend, free of charge.
  3. Set the exact date when you will receive your earnings
    By setting regular deadlines, you will keep the pressure on yourself to fuel your actions and motivation.
    Example: “I want to win 6,000 euros, by December 31 of this year, to travel to Japan. »
  4. Define the steps towards your goal, visualize each of them, take action to achieve them one by one and regularly monitor your progress. It is your road to success that unfolds before your eyes, after each of your steps.
  5. Write in black and white on a piece of paper (this is important) the fruit of your reflection: the amount of money you want to acquire, the deadlines you have set for yourself (your plan), the rewards you intend to offer and the precise route you have developed to get things done. This is your roadmap to success.
  6. Each day, read your goals out loud twice: in the evening before you go to sleep and in the morning when you wake up. During this reading, you must be intimately convinced that you are already in possession of this money: you see it, you feel the contribution it has on you and your loved ones. This is your mantra!

2 – Faith

Faith is the assurance given to be faithful to one’s word, to accomplish exactly what one has promised. Through this commitment of affirmations, convictions and repeated instructions, you have the power to program yourself for success.

“Believe that you will win and you will win! ”

Napoleon HILL
La foi est une force

How to develop one’s faith in order to succeed in one’s transformation?

Repetition and autosuggestion of instructions, in line with your desires, is undeniably the method that works best.

  • Repetition strengthens your belief, your anchors.
  • Your belief strengthens your faith.
  • And your faith releases the creative energy of your desires.

Here are some techniques to practice:

  • Be demanding with yourself, constantly!
    Think and act every day in the direction of your desires. Every step counts and brings you closer to your goals.
  • Think for at least 30 minutes a day about the person you want to be.
    Create a clear mental picture of the person you are going to become and focus on being that person.
  • Clearly establish a description of your main purpose in life.
    Your goals should serve a larger, ultimate purpose. Your intentions should serve your purpose.
  • Decide to give up actions that do not allow you to pursue your goal.
    Eliminate interference, distractions and any negative attitudes that may take you away from your success.

3 – Autosuggestion

Autosuggestion is the action of influencing oneself, consciously or unconsciously, so that the suggested conduct is carried out (other than by will) in an almost automatic way.

“No thought can influence your subconscious mind without autosuggestion. ”

Napoleon HILL
Le pouvoir de l'autosuggestion

Man has control over his subconscious through his 5 senses. However, he does not always exercise this control. Because of this, many people do not achieve the success they expect.

When you read aloud, emotionally and with a strong belief that you are already in possession of it, your desire for money (or any other desire) is communicated to the subconscious mind.

Through repetition, your positive thoughts will transform your mind which will then promote their realization in reality.

The subconscious mind, controlled and programmed by your 5 senses and your emotions, will lead you on the road to success… opening the door to the 6th sense and the realization of all your wishes.

4 – Specialization

There are two types of cultivation: general cultivation and specialisation.
The general culture is vast or poor. It is of little use in the race for wealth.
On the other hand, culture becomes a real strength when it is focused towards a specific goal with a clearly defined plan of action. Specialized and focused, culture is a powerful weapon to achieve any goal you set for yourself.

It’s never too late to learn, determine the specific knowledge you need, and serve the plan you’ve previously built to achieve success.

5 – Imagination

Imagination is the seat where the “strokes of luck” are created, those that will lead to the realization of your ambitions.

There are 2 forms of imagination:

  • The synthetic imagination: allowing you to recycle old concepts into new ones.
  • The creative imagination: allowing to innovate, stimulated by emotion and a strong desire.

In inaction impoverishes the imagination. By making it lively and dynamic through our thoughts and actions, it blazes with a thousand fires, unleashing the creativity we seek

More than a wealth is born from a simple idea that is well executed.

6 – The development of plans

If desire is your preferred future then the map is the path to get there.

To make your plan:

  • Get together or create your own group of people and benefit from their insights.
  • Decide what you will give back to this group in exchange for their commitment and collaboration.
  • Arrange to meet with this group of people as many times as possible until your plan is ready.
  • Maintain a positive harmony between you and each member of the group.

If your plan fails, keep in mind that this is a temporary defeat, not a permanent one. Failure just means that your plan can be improved. Use your experience. Imagine the best alternatives and try them until you find the right outcomes.

7 – The Decision

Make decisions!
A study of 25,000 people showed that lack of decision making is one of the main causes of failure. Procrastination is the enemy that everyone must fight to avoid defeat.

Another study showed that the ability to make decisions quickly, and not to change those decisions, allowed people to accumulate fortunes.

“If you are influenced by the opinions of others, you will not have your own desires. ”

Napoleon HILL

Resist the opinions of others. Have your own convictions and follow them!
It is your decisions that will guide your life and your success.

A determined person creates a powerful power, both in themselves and those around them.

“A great desire for freedom brings freedom; a great desire for wealth leads to wealth. ”

Napoleon HILL

8 – Perseverance

Perseverance is one of the essential keys to success.

At the origin of perseverance is willpower. The will that everything is possible and that everything can make you successful.

“The word “perseverance” has no value of heroism. It is a quality that is to the character of man what carbon is to steel. “Napoleon HILL

Perseverance is a long-term effort, within everyone’s reach.

To cultivate it, it is necessary to :

  1. Clarify your intention
    What exactly do we want?
    If we don’t know what we’re going to do, we’ll never get there.
  2. Knowing your desire
    What is my deepest desire?
  3. To have self-confidence
    What personal resources do I rely on to succeed?
    (think about autosuggestion, in particular)
  4. Specify its action plan
    What steps do I need to take to achieve success?
  5. Having the right knowledge
    To carry out each of my steps, what skills do I need?
  6. Benefit from cooperation
    Who do I need to succeed in my steps?
    Important: think about the reciprocity with each person who helps and supports you. The universe gives you and you must also give.
  7. Use the power of will
    What makes me get up in the morning?
    The will, the desire to succeed, will be your fuel to win every step leading to success.
  8. Get used to constant action
    What can you do today, even something small, to achieve your goal?

9 – The power of the “collective brain”

The “collective brain” refers to the combined efforts of two or more people working in harmony towards a common goal.

“The person who surrounds himself with caring, wise men who are willing to help him in a spirit of perfect harmony enjoys definite economic advantages. ”

Napoleon HILL

The “collective brain” draws its strength from mutualization, benevolence and harmony for specific purposes. Take advantage of this strength to reach your goal.

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10 – The Mystery of Sexual Transmutation

Transmutation is the change (or transformation) of one element into another.

Sexual desire is THE most powerful desire of the human being.

Driven by desire, human beings are able to transmute, sublimate and achieve the most extraordinary things.
Sexual energy is an immense source of inspiration and creation. It stimulates the body and mind to fuel the wheels of action.

11 – The Subconscious Mind

All kinds of emotions and thoughts, regardless of their nature, are recorded by our subconscious mind.
By consciously suggesting positive thoughts to your subconscious, you encourage your mind to seek new ideas, inspiring elements to achieve the desired success.

12 – The Human Brain

The brain is able to feel the vibrations of a thought emitted by another brain.

The human brain is both a receiver and a transmitter of waves.
It becomes more receptive to the thoughts around it when it is stimulated at a high level. This functioning works with negative as well as positive emotions. The emotion generated by sex is the most powerful and influential of these to stimulate it.

In order to be as creative and innovative as possible, it is necessary to promote the interaction between autosuggestion, the subconscious and creative imagination.

13 – The Sixth Sense

The 6th sense is the part of the subconscious called by the creative imagination. This part organizes, plans, generates ideas and sends thoughts to the entire mind.
Mastery of this part of the mind, this 6th sense, requires patience and meditation.

The 6th sense is certainly the link connecting man with the supreme intelligence.
It is said to be both mental and spiritual, acting between man and the Universal Spirit.

14 – The 6 Ghosts of Fear

Napoleon HILL’s studies of the factors of success for the most fortunate men show that we can do extraordinary things and achieve anything we desire if we can overcome the obstacles created by our fears.

In his book, Napoleon HILL calls them the six ghosts of fear :

  • The Fear of Poverty
  • Fear of criticism
  • Fear of disease
  • Fear of losing love
  • Fear of old age
  • Fear of death

Fear is only a state of mind and a state of mind can control and direct itself.

One of the best ways to overcome fear is to surround yourself with positive people.

Because thoughts are contagious, they will get into your mind and influence you.

By surrounding yourself with positive people, you will inflate your mind with positive thoughts, overcome your fears and succeed.

It’s a positive and inspiring book, easy to read.

The notion of wealth is accessible to all, even if wealth is not (and should not be) only financial, in my opinion because it is too reductive.

It must be accompanied by social, cultural, experiential and emotional wealth, in order to transcend our lives and the lives of others.

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